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Hi arcadians and memorians! I know that we rarely have updates now since most of the site editors are busy at the moment.
However, we try to bring you the most current informations about update. Maybe these updates we going to bring you in a few next paragraphs are not new anymore, but still it is not like an expired milk yet!
So, take it fresh, and enjoy the upcoming updates from KAO!



1. Whip main update!
First thing, this is not a really new information to all of us, it is about the new whip main that will come to our AO one day. This is a fixed-gender main, just like other atlantians. The range of attack is just like axe main, but also hits flying mobs. During one video, i saw this main can attack to the most back line, but i can not really confirm this. What weird about this main is that the game set a name for the main. She is called “Trish”.
There are several skills that she can use.
- Thunder God’s Advent: Whenever trish kills/attacks there will be a charging bar that will keep charging, when the bar is charged fully, Trish will change form to thunder god. The skill is fixed @ lv 1, and according to “Therian”s post on atlantica-db.com (link on the reference below), the increases in stats are as follow:
+30% Health
+30% Mana
+10% Attack Power
+10% Defense
+10% Magic Defense
+15 Action Power
+5% Health
+5% Mana
+3% Attack Power
+3% Defense
+3% Magic Defense
+1 Action Power
- Lightning Dance: AoE damage that hit all in the opposing party. CD is 3, and it costs 200AP.
- Thunder God’s Awakening: Combination of 2 passives which increases crit+mh rate on trish, while also proc-ing on enemies. The proc has 2 duration which means it leaves dot, while targeting a row, like stormblast.
- Advent-only Thunder God’s Earth: Gives dot similar to Electron field and -vit while its active.
- Advent-only Thunder God’s Wrath: Higher damage AoE, basically is an upgraded version of lightning dance.
Talent for Trish is as follow:

- 140
1)Increase Dexterity by 1000
2)Increase Lightning Dance damage by 100%
3)Reduce melee damage taken by 20%
- 150
1)Increase Critical by 20%
2)While in “Thunder God” Form, gain additional HP/MP/Damage/MDEF by 15%
3)Increase Multi-Hit by 15

Specialization for trish gives multi-hit + 3 and magic level +7. Trish is also grouped in range mains.


2. Okay, enough with long talks xD, the picture explains it, that the wyvern we have will have an upgraded version which is in black-red color. It is again not confirmed as an upgrade or not, but it certainly has a different color…


3. Red dragon mount.
Not much we know about it yet, but if you want to see the proc, follow this link below and skip to minute 1, 19th seconds (1:19).
link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkn6wdYcWp8


4. Tank mount
I just saw this one like….3 minutes before i write this xD
So yeah, not much we know about this either, however the stats will be as follow (in KAO):
Advance information of the tank box
▷ ‘march of the tank’, ‘tank’ can be obtained
▷ ‘march of the tanks’ motivation decreased by 50% during the teleportation
▷ advance of the tank, tank, tank body, Hot Wheels, toemasa the clouds, the tank turret box, Enchantment Stone [Lv.6],
Intensive experience order (1), a mysterious cube vehicle, the goddess of the water of life, including reports of growth
Consists of a total of 34 items are different.
■ advance how to get a tank of additional
▷ In case the tank a chance to advance to acquire a ‘tank body “and” tank turret “gather” of advancing tanks “can be obtained.
■ stats advance information of the tank
- Damage: 610-710
- Strength: 410
- Dexterity: 410
- Vitality: 470
- Defense: 11,500
- Speed ​​Increase: 25%
- Hit: 15
- Activate the magic of tank shield Lv.15
- Unique ability: 50% reduction in motivation at the moment to move
■ Tank
- Damage: 560-660
- Strength: 360
- Dexterity: 360
- Vitality: 420
- Defense: 10,200
- Speed ​​Increase: 20%
- Hit: 10
- Activate the magic of tank shield Lv.1
So from the google translate, i think it is quite clear that teleportation while wearing rare tank costs 50% less will. xD, oh also you can craft the tank by gathering the item, just like the pegasus in our IM today :D


5. Wings of destruction, brilliant wings of destruction, colorful wings of destruction, and wings of the fallen ruin (google translated –”).
This is a new set of wings that you can obtain from a random box (IM). So it is written here that you can get more than one kind of wings from the IM box, including wayang wing, fairy wing, and you can also craft the wing just like the tank mount.
Here are the stats of the wings:

Wings of the Fallen Ruins
- Damage: 1800-1900
- Defense: 500
- HP: 350
- Strength: 25
- Wits: 25
- Intelligence: 25
- Activate Magic: Dark of Doom Lv.15
- Unique abilities: general combat damage 15%, an increase of 5% defense (including mercenaries)
Colorful Wings of Destruction info
- Damage: 1750-1850
- Defense: 500
- HP: 340
- Intelligence: 50
- Activate Magic: Dark of Doom Lv.10
Brilliant Wings of Destruction
- Damage: 1750-1850
- Defense: 500
- HP: 340
- Wits: 50
- Activate Magic: Dark of Doom Lv.10
Wings of Destruction
- Damage: 1750-1850
- Defense: 500
- HP: 340
- Strength: 50
- Activate Magic: Dark of Doom Lv.1

thumb_0425_trishyst6. Trish costume
So according to KAO’s IM, you can be trish even if you are not a whip main!
Here are the stats:
Trish St Headress
- Defense: 500
- G Power: 100 (idk what this is, prolly Intelligence)
- Vitality: 100
- Hit: 40 (meh? if this not crit, then lame? xD)
Trish St costume
- Defense: 1100
- Strength: 50
- Dexterity: 50
- Vitality: 200
The outfit seems enchant-able with atlas outfit

So, that will be all the content updates for this episode, Follow us through to know more random informations for Atlantica Online :D
(PS: Sorry for the crappy page :S our server is overloaded atm and it gives lots of formatting error on our wordpress)

- Therian’s info about whip main:


- KAO’s official site :



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